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With offices in New York City and San Juan, Scriba NYC offers integrated language solutions to domestic and international customers for printed and electronic materials, and much more!

In an era of globalization, it is more important than ever to recognize linguistic and cultural diversity, and their subtleties in different countries. Whether you are interested in the internationalization or localization of a product, Scriba NYC helps you reach your audience. We are a group of professionals specializing in communication. Translators, linguists, writers, editors, and graphic artists work together to convey your idea correctly, efficiently and in a visually attractive way.

Scriba NYC offers you the tools and knowledge to reach the public you seek. We don't believe in automated translation. Even the most current programs are not capable of interpreting the many subtle meanings of words and idiomatic expressions, much less translate complex texts to another language without incurring in grammatical errors and undesirable changes of meaning or tone. Only the most skillful professionals with knowledge and expertise in both languages can really perform the task of carefully and correctly translating a text, while maintaining its original content and style.

Our team of professionals will adapt to your specific needs in order to help you deliver your message in a neutral Spanish that will reach the international community, or in regional varieties of Spanish with vernacular vocabulary, more commonly used in specific countries.

 Spanish… and much more!

At Scriba NYC we work in six of the most important languages of the Western world, translating or writing the message you want to deliver.

Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

Whether you have a new idea that you want to write from scratch, you need to research a topic, want to check facts or information, or if you need to translate, transcreate, adapt, localize, edit or proofread any document, at Scriba NYC we will help you reach the public you seek by developing and perfecting your text.


Spanish text translation and transcreation

You want to deliver a message and your original text is written in a language other than Spanish. At Scriba NYC, we will translate your text into perfect Spanish and deliver it back to you in a timely fashion. Whether you need a straightforward translation for a universal audience, to localize the text for a given region, or an adaptation or transcreation of your original text for a specific public, we will always honor the original content, tone and style to create a perfect version of the document in Spanish. We translate into Spanish any kind of literature and conduct thorough research to ensure accuracy of specialized terminology. Our select group of translators is composed of linguists, highly skilled professionals with long-standing experience in translation. Our translators have a great expertise in a wide range of subjects, from advertising and entertainment, to literature and poetry, lyrics, history, finance, legal, medicine, pharmaceutical, sciences, cooking, arts, and sports. Our teamwork approach ensures accuracy and excellence in every project.

Spanish writing

You have ideas and material for a project and need a Spanish language writer to put them down on paper. We will write original, precise and informative texts molded to your requirements. We will conduct research to enrich the content, as well as revise and verify data.

Editing and proofreading

You are a writer and need a professional, thorough revision of your work, or perhaps you have documents that need to be corrected. At Scriba NYC we will perfect your texts and will help you find just the right way to deliver your message to your public.

Publishing: Ediciones Scriba NYC

We specialize in Spanish language books and will help you publish your manuscript in paper or electronic formats. We will take care of the whole publishing process including editing, design, layout and proofreading, as well as provide illustrations in order to produce a high-quality, attractive book that will stand out among others.

Graphic design and illustration

At Scriba NYC, we will provide design solutions to your work depending on your needs, whether by enhancing an existing project or by proposing a different, dynamic approach in terms of illustration, design and layout. Brochures, posters, ads; our graphic artists are prepared to meet the challenging task of creating something new especially for you, or keeping the format, layout and design elements of your own material, while the original text is substituted by the translation.

Spanish and German courses

We offer conversational language courses in all levels to groups or individuals who wish to improve their language proficiency in Spanish and German.